Monday, 21 December 2015

Smart Phone & I

World for me was divided into people who either had those big work phones and carried the entire social media and their office on it and the other big population which only received phone calls and messages on the device. I was happy being in the other category of simple, laid back, non-smart phonewalas, where I would know about the world through TV news, or when I logged in on my laptop and not be constantly bothered about who "liked" what, or who "outraged" on which issue on Twitter!(Sorry, do not go beyond- Twitter, which is personal favorite and rarely go on Facebook!) I had not known the joys of Whatsapp yet!

I had a phone with buttons as I have fat fingers and always believed it would be difficult for me to manage the delicate touch screen of the phone, to keep rubbing my fingers and type on it too!Imagine, phew! Also, history of losing numerous phones and being accident prone generally always stopped me from buying expensive phones!

But, now all that was going to change! I got in gift a smart phone on my birthday! I do not understand why they call a phone Smart, and in comparison to whom? The user? Is it able to do things more efficiently and better than the user! Gosh, I can do without that kind of comparison and judgement! Imagine losing to your own device!

 Then to download various different apps which made me wonder how I survived without them! The delight in asking "bhaiya (well, you never ask behenji!) where is this address" or trying to only get radio and not various music apps (I was happy letting AIR choose songs for me, and not making my own playlist) or trying to decide on restaurant or cuisine without the help of apps!Oh, the joys of getting lost will not be the same again! On the brighter side, the apps can remain and I may not use them is a huge possibility!

It just feels like ending of an era, losing touch with humans and getting sucked into a world of cold technology! Most of my friends say they have become more close thanks to various technologies of keeping in touch being available! But, what it also does is, it stops that phone call that you may have made and now you just finish it with a message! The feeling of listening to another person's voice, wishing them on their special days, but well, they might be busy, lets just wish with a message!

The "getting started" process is another hassle! After getting the number converted into post-paid the service provider will go to my mother's house to check if I ever lived there! Then, I will have to choose the plan according to my usage of phone calls/ message/ internet, etc. I am being asked to make so many decisions in this, and they still call the phone- "smart"!Huh, Irony died a thousand deaths when they invented "SMART phones"!


Yes, it has been almost six months since I got converted from a simple to a smart phone user! (Has nothing to do with my IQ here). Had a few issues early on. Phone got a virus and all my numbers got mixed up. Maid was now a senior Prof. So, when I called my maid to ask her, "Kaam par kyun nahi aayi?"Call actually went to a senior Prof, who I had to apologize profusely, and now I completely avoid due to embarrassment.
On the birthday of Mamu (Uncle), I sang entire "Happy Birthday" song to my Plumber! And weirdly, he did not even stop me, because he also was somebody's Mamu and thought his niece was calling! My beautician's number got swapped with my colleague! And driver's with a dentist!
After many such mishaps and embarrassments, now I check every time I call! So, if I call Deepa, wait for Deepa to confirm at least twice to confirm she is Deepa and not someone else!

I went through some horrible time in personal life and close friends' on Whatsapp kept almost 24 hour vigil and took care virtually from different parts of the world. Other side of it, some old school friends' discovered me and now send selfies, religious and friendship messages to respond to! I thought I had left them in my school! It is difficult to ignore people on phone. But,  then you can avoid the call and just send a message instead! Also, on the brighter side discovered some good friends' who share poetry and discuss other interesting issues all, on whatsapp.

Students' who would bunk classes think they can get extra class and tutions on Whatsapp! Some even ask, Ma'am we had an exam but, we saw you were online at 2am! Hello??
Apart from friends', some young cousins started treating me like their personal counselor and wanted advice after 45th break up! Uncles and cousins wanted regular updates on life on Whatsapp! You may ignore friends' but, as Barjatya Uncle has taught us, one cannot ignore family!  

My most favorite part was Twitter. I could share random thoughts and photos with strangers! My followers grew from maybe 10 odd to almost 100 thanks to my smart phone!Yayy! Although, I should be ashamed that I may ignore friends', reluctantly keep in touch with family but am very happy that some strangers know me through my tweets! Strange world we live in!!

I may listen to music on Gaana and Saavn apps, but not beyond this. I still like getting lost and asking people for way.

Only that now I depend on my phone so much that since its keyboard is not working today, I feel like a handicap! It is almost like an extension of me now. My fingers I fear with all the rubbing on screen may have become even shorter. The doctors who warn about those wrist/ thumb pains may all be true but such joys of being connected. Hey, I am a Smart phone user now!

(Based on true events!)

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  1. I love my Smart Phone and all gadgets so I have always belonged to the first category. Our friendship has blossomed thanks to Whats App and Blue Panchi Pyaare so I love all the apps too.
    And what can I add to the adjectives that I always associate with your visual way of writing, Mashallah. Stay blessed and keep punching with your beautiful fingers.